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ABC News Radio: Renewed calls for an end to alcohol sponsorship of sport

A week out from the NRL and AFL grand finals, there are renewed calls for alcohol sponsorship to be removed entirely from professional sport.

The #BoozeFreeSport campaign is backed by a number of leading Australians as evidence mounts about the harm exposure to alcohol advertising can have on children.

ABC News on radio’s Fiona Ellis-Jones asked former President of the St Kilda Football Club, Rod Butterss, whether there’s much hope given the alcohol industry is such a powerful lobbying body with vested interests.

Drink Tank Australia: Leading Australians call for an end to alcohol sponsorship in sport

A number of leading Australians have lent their support to a campaign to remove alcohol sponsorship from professional sport. The call comes a week out from the AFL and NRL Grand Final, and as evidence mounts about the harm to children as a result of exposure to alcohol advertising.