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Seen an alcohol ad and wondered, how can they get away with that? Don’t think professional sportspeople should wear alcohol logos on their uniform?

You can share your concerns about the content or placement of any alcohol promotions you’ve seen by making a complaint to the Alcohol Advertising Review Board (AARB).

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board reviews community concerns about alcohol advertising.

Making a complaint is easy! Follow these three easy steps.

Step 1. Visit AARB. Visit the complaints page on the AARB website.

Step 2. Fill in the online form. The team at AARB have made it easy as possible! The form is simple, just explain briefly why you are concerned about an alcohol advertisement.

For instance, some reasons might include:

  • I don’t think sporting heroes should wear alcohol brands on their uniforms.
  • I think an alcohol advertisement appeals to kids.
  • I saw an alcohol advertisement near a school or location where young people are likely to see it.

Step 3. Submit! Hit submit and the team at AARB will follow up with you and let you know the outcome of your submission.

Hot tip! Take a photo. If you see an alcohol advertisement you are concerned with, take a pic and upload this in the online form.

If you’d like to know more about the AARB process, visit their FAQs page.